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Who am I?

My name is Snorri Páll Haraldsson and I come from Iceland.

I'm a very positive person and I find it easy to work with people (and vice versa). I'm honest, opinionated and unafraid to express my point of view.

I've always been drawn to exciting and challenging projects which at the same time teach me new skills or advance my current ones.

I have a deep-rooted need to understand how things work which has helped me train my analytical and critical thinking skills.

I first browsed the web in 1994 with Gopher and I made my first website in 1995. Since then I have been intrigued by this thing we call the internet.

A large part of my experience comes from working at Iceland Telecom. Iceland's largest telecom operator.

Before I moved to Berlin I worked at Hugsmiðjan which is one of Iceland's leading web design and development agencies with over 18 award-winning websites and counting.

I organize my self using Getting Things Done method from David Allen.

Jobs and education


  • Zalando 2016 - current

    Product Manager

    Joined Zalando as a Product Manager for Collabary. Collabary is a influencer marketplace where brands can promote their product via the channels of the influencers. Me and my team took the product from idea to launch in 7 months.

    Currently working on other projects.

  • IDAGIO 2015 - 2015

    Senior Front End Developer

    Was doing front end development. I also acted as a part time Scrum Master.

  • Hugsmiðjan 2011 - 2015

    Front End Developer / Consultant / Data Analysis

    Hugsmiðjan is one of the leading web development agencies in Iceland. My main focus was front end development and user experience. I advocated the usage of data analytics in redesign and quickly became the goto person when it came to analytics and consulting relating that topic.

    This approach led Hugsmiðjan to getting bigger clients such as WOW Air which is one of the leading low cost airlines in Iceland.

    I also taught analytical thinking, critical thinking and web analytics in Hugsmiðjan's Web Academy which is where we shared our knowledge to those who wanted to learn more about the web.

  • Freelance 2010 - 2011

    Consultant / Web Developer

    Worked with a number of startups companies as a consultant and a web developer.

  • Sólon 2007 - 2009


    Worked as a bartender for a better social life as I was living in a small village outside of the city at the time.

  • Iceland Telecom 1999 - 2010

    Specialist / Webmaster in the web- and marketing department

    During my employment I had the roles of a designer, webmaster, project manager, product owner, programmer, system administrator and data analyst.

  • Iceland Telecom 1998 - 1999


    I worked as a salesman for one year.

  • Iceland Telecom 1997 - 1998

    Warehouse employee

    My role was to make sure our main stock didn't run out and also process orders to our outlets.

  • Reykjavik City 1996 - 1997


    I worked two summers in gardening.


  • The Reykjavík Collage of Music 2003 - 2006

    Musical composition, classical guitar and piano.

  • Sigursveinn D. Kristinsson's School of Music 2002 - 2003

    Classical guitar.

  • Multimedia School 2000 - 2001

    Learned the basics of 3D graphics, animation, editing, programming and publishing.

  • Sigursveinn D. Kristinsson's School of Music 1996 - 1999

    Classical guitar and piano.

  • The Reykjavík Collage of Music 1988 - 1990



  • SiteCatalyst Advanced Implementation Training, London 2008

    Finished a course in Adobe SiteCatalyst Advanced Implementation Training.

  • PRINCE 2 Project Management 2006

    Finished a course in PRINCE 2 project management.

  • Studio Sýrland 2001

    Finished a course in basic studio work and mixing.

Experience and recent projects

  • Iceland Telecom self service website 2004-2007

    I was the Product Owner of Iceland Telecom's self service website for 3 years.

    With an annual budget of 250.000€ I was responsible for finding and meeting the needs of stakeholders, analyze and write down requirements and manage a team of 5 contracted developers.

    This is one of the most complicated projects I've dealt with due to a complex technology infrastructure within the company.

  • OZ 2015 (via Hugsmiðjan)

    I helped OZ get their frontend for content creators up and running for SXSW 2015.

  • WOW air 2014 (via Hugsmiðjan)

    I helped WOW air migrate their website in over 12 different languages into Hugsmiðjan's CMS system.

    First we migrated their old design to our CMS. Later we redesigned the site and made it responsive.

    My main role was a front end developer on this project but also did some business and data analysis.

  • Betware 2013-2014 (via Hugsmiðjan)

    I was contracted by Betware for 3 months where I was reponsible for implementing a responsive frontend for their instant games framework.

    The front end was implemented in Backbone and I used SCSS to build a skeleton CSS framework for them to simplify vendor and game theming.

    I also wrote a responsive addon for Backbone Layout Manager so it could support re-rendering of templates depending on which media queries were active at a given time.

  • New website for Reykjavík Excursions 2013 (via Hugsmiðjan)

    Reykjavík Excursion is the leading tour company in Iceland. Doing day tours for tourists.

    I was responsible for a major part of the front end development on their new website. A fun and challenging project.

  • Worn by Worship 2010

    Helped a fashion startup in Iceland getting their ecommerce store up and running.

  • Strategic planning and management 2000-2014

    Over the years I have taken part in countless strategic planning and managements workshops both for Iceland Telecom and Hugsmiðjan.

  • Rebranding of Iceland Telecom 2004

    Took part in rebranding Iceland Telecom. My role was to combine multiple websites into one. Challenging task in a company of 1000+ employees and plenty of politics.

  • Implementation of Web Analytics for Iceland Telecom 2007

    I was responsible for the implementation of the web analytics tools Adobe SiteCatalyst.

    After implementation our team was able to show how much money was saved by running the website which enabled us to increase the budget for the web to make it even better.

  • Implementation of a new CMS for Iceland Telecom 2005

    I was responsible for the implementation of Vyre Unify (CMS).

    A big and challenging project which required us to rewrite large parts of our code.

  • Advocating and teaching Web Analytics in Iceland 2013 - 2015

    In 2013 I started advocating the usage of web analytics in the Icelandic web community to make better websites. I’ve done that by lecturing and teaching.

    We asked about the performance of the speakers and the average response of the question was a score of 4.01 of 5 possible. You got 4.39 for your lecture. Which was also the highest score. - The Icelandic Computer Society
  • Designed for Iceland 2011

    Wrote jingles for a reality TV episode called Designed for Iceland. Not every time you get to write cheesy TV music!

  • iPIX 360° 1998

    When I was 18 I started my first business. I got a camera with a custom made fisheye lens to take 360 degree images (similar to Google Street View) for use online and on multimedia disks.

    I did photography for restaurants, Reykjavik City, Iceland Complete (multimedia disk distributed to tourists at the time) and a number of other businesses.

  • Trade shows for Iceland Telecom

    I worked on and helped organizing a number of trade shows for Iceland Telecom.

    A few B2B trade shows but mostly B2C.

Next steps

You can reach me at +49 176 25823518 or

with regards,
Snorri Páll